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Flamingo Valley Condo @ Opera Estate
Jewel of the East | Singapore

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Flamingo Valley Property in Singapore Flamingo Valley Project Pool View :: New Condo Launch Singapore by FCL
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Flamingo Valley Condo is a beautifully designed new condominium project. The architect is the world class Masaki Miyake. (See photo gallery below.)

This development occupies the site of the former Flamingo Valley that was sold en-bloc to Frasers Centrepoint in 2007.

The proposed development has 393 units in a 5 and 3 storey low-rise condominium of one to 4 bedroom residential units, duplexes and penthouses. A basement carpark frees up lots of ground space to accommodate an interesting suite of communal facilities.


Type Number
of Units
Typical Area
(Includes Private Enclosed Space / Terrace)
1 Bedroom + Study 41 ~ 510 - 680 sqft
2 Bedroom 65 ~ 820 - 1,100 sqft
2 Bedroom Dual Key 15 ~ 780 - 940 sqft
2 Bedroom Loft 4 ~ 990 sqft
2 Bedroom + Study 24 ~ 970 - 1,200 sqft
3 Bedroom 126 ~ 990- 1,600 sqft
3 Bedroom Dual Key 21 ~ 1,200 - 1,520 sqft
4 bedroom 48 ~ 1,590 - 1,930 sqft
Roof Terrace Penthouse
(2 BR / 3 BR)
21 ~ 1,600 – 3,200 sqft
Duplex Penthouse
(3 BR / 4 BR + Family Area)
26 ~ 2,000 - 2,700 sqft
Single Level 4 BR Penthouse 2 ~ 3,000 sqft


Prices are around SGD$1,200 to $1,600 psf, which is among the lowest for a freehold property in District 15.

Pricing ranges:
. 1 Bedroom + Study » $1450 - $1600 psf
. 2 Bedroom » $1300 - $1400 psf
. 2 Bedroom + Study » $1270 - $1350 psf
. 3 Bedroom » $1180 - $1280 psf
. 4 Bedroom » $1180 - $1260 psf
. Dual Key » $1200 - $1400 psf

For details on stacks released or prices, please call (65) 92959180 or email your query via the form below.


Note: These schemes are implemented currently for a limited period only.

  1. Loyalty Discount: All previous FCL home buyers get a 0.5% discount.
  2. Family Groups: Purchases of 2 or more units by immediate family members (father, mother, brother, sister) are entitled to a 1% discount. Purchases must take place on the same day.
  3. Multiple Units: Single, or multiple buyers (need not be related) who purchase 2 or more units together get a 1% discount. Purchases must take place on same day.
Important: Maximum discount is 1%, even if you are eligible for all 3 categories.


454 - 456 Siglap Road Singapore 455934. The old Flamingo Valley Condo on the left has since been torn down.

Google Map 29 May 2010 :: Location of Flamingo Valley :: New Condo Launch Singapore


What's nice about Flamingo Valley Condo:

  1. Freehold. It is on a freehold (estate in fee simple) title, which is the best tenure to have, and getting harder to find as all new government land sales are only for 99 years leasehold. As noted in the Business Times, 04 December 2009 edition:
    "A key benefit of owning freehold real estate is that the land value does not generally depreciate in the long term. Although all properties are subject to market fluctuations, the price of freehold land tends to be more stable than that of leasehold land over time."
  2. Location. Flamingo Valley Condo is located in district 15, on the fringe of the established private residential enclave of Opera Estate, known as the Holland Village of the East, with much of the same laid back charm.
  3. Setting. Situated in the heart of Siglap estate, which looks to be a quiet and peaceful environment. This area has got probably the largest variety of mouth-watering foods around as well as the bonus of East Coast Park.
  4. Accessibility. Flamingo Valley is pretty conveniently located - along Siglap Road off East Coast Road, which enjoys easy accessibility via the ECP and PIE to the Central Business District and the activities of Marina Bay. Eastwards, it's a quick drive to East Coast Park and the airport. A leisurely walk brings you to Siglap Shopping Centre and the eateries around.
  5. Layout & Design. The units are beautifully well designed, arguably the most functional of all the recent condo launches, with little wastage and no odd corners. The rooms are decently sized too, big enough to turn around without knocking into yourself.
  6. Reputable developer. FCL is known for high quality developments like Martin Place Residences and St Thomas Suites.
  7. Investment Potential. Solid scope for capital appreciation given its freehold estate and very nice location.


The dual key units are good investments. It means you actually own two units in one, each with its own entrance and kitchen. Like the very popular home + income properties overseas, where you don't have to move out to rent out.

You could also rent out both units individually or live in it as one large apartment. Great flexibility for catering to different market conditions. Dual key units tend to sell quickly and there are only 36 of them here. Here's a floor plan of one of these units.

Flamingo Valley Condo Dual Key New Condo Launch Singapore :: Flamingo Valley Condo :: 3-Bedroom Dual Key Unit


Just click on the images to enlarge.

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Flamingo Valley Condominium is open for sale. Foreigners are eligible to buy too.

If you'd like details or to see the showflat or floor plans, please call (65) 92959180, or SMS "Flamingo Valley" to 92959180.

Alternatively send us the form below.

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3 Bedroom Dual Key
4 bedroom
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